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New Ad Skewers Pro-Abortion Jargon Used to "Dehumanize" Babies

The 60-second "It's a Baby" spot comes from the Christian ministry Focus on the Family.

A screenshot from a new right-to-life advertisement that points out the dehumanizing nature of pro-abortion terminology like the word "fetus."
A screenshot from a new right-to-life advertisement that points out the dehumanizing nature of pro-abortion usage of the word "fetus." Image: Focus on the Family/from YouTube.

If you have ever listened to proponents of abortion discussing the issue, then you have almost certainly observed their near lock-step avoidance of the word "baby" when mentioning unborn children. Instead, they rigidly cling to "fetus," a word scarcely ever spoken in any other context by non-doctors or scientists, which is to say by normal people.

Focus on the Family, a Colorado-based Christian organization that is vocally pro-life, is out with a new television ad that drives home the absurdity of the term's usage. It runs one minute and features a host of circumstances in which people are discussing the pending birth of a child: a woman revealing to a man their positive pregnancy test, a couple viewing a pre-natal ultrasound, and the picture above with an expectant mother in a tee shirt that announces her happy news.

In each case, instead of using the word "baby," the actors refer to the coming bundle of joy as a "fetus." The effect is both jarring and ridiculous, which is the whole point of the ad, according to the president of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly, who tells Faithwire that to call an unborn baby anything else does not make sense.

"The culture has gotten too comfortable using antiseptic scientific terms to dehumanize a child in the womb. We wanted to challenge that by plainly and simply showing - in situations we're all familiar with - that it's a baby."

The cleverly dubbed "It's a Baby" campaign is being released to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Dobbs ruling that struck down the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion in America. Since the 50 states now individually decide the legalities of the issue, Daly stated that his group is "always looking for compelling ways, even unexpected ways, to get the country talking about life." You can view the ad below, and its related website is available via this link.


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