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Michael Jr. Urges Fans to Read the Bible

The Christian comedian and actor is out with a new movie and some good advice.

Michael Jr. in a scene from "Selfie Dad." Image: Kappa Studios.

One of the top names on the clean comedy circuit, Michael Jr. is now building his acting career, following up on his 2015 role in the Kendrick Brothers' War Room with Selfie Dad, a faith-based comedy just out this month. In it, he plays lead character Ben Marcus, a former comedian who goes viral with a series of funny do-it-yourself videos. As he enjoys social media fame, however, he falls down as a father and husband before ultimately turning to his Faith to redeem the situation.

The comedian tells The Pure Flix Podcast he really enjoyed doing the movie, particularly because of the creative freedom Christian screenwriter/director Brad Silverman gave him. That allowed him to truly leave his imprint on the picture.

"A lot of the scenes are literally just kind of improv on the spot, between just coming up with stuff and really hearing God's voice on which way to go."

Michael Jr. says he believes that when people laugh, their hearts are open, and being a committed Christian he uses that as an opportunity to point them to Christ. He feels this film will "inspire people to jump into the Bible more," which he knows can have a profound and visible impact.

"When you read the Bible, it gets into your heart and it shows up in your walk."

Well said, Michael Jr. - truer words were never spoken! If you'd like to listen to the entire Pure Flix interview with him, you can do so via this link. And Selfie Dad, which also stars Chonda Pierce, another prominent Christian comedian, is available to rent on demand and you can find out where to get it on the movie's website. In the meantime, check out the trailer below to get a flavor for the picture.


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