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How to Stay True to the Faith in Hollywood

Atticus Shaffer, who starred in ABC's sitcom The Middle, shares the simple insight that helps him.

Being in front of the camera and used to a high profile, you might think self-confidence is the key. But in an interview with's Pure Talk, the 20-year old actor, and outspoken believer, says it is all about staying connected to God.

"You keep your focus on Him. You talk with Him about everything."

The Middle capped off a nine-year run earlier this year, so what's next for Shaffer? He is looking forward to more acting roles, developing projects with his production company and, eventually, getting married and having children.

In the Pure Flix interview, Shaffer also talks about his favorite books of the Bible and how he's learned to live with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle-bone disease. You can check out Atticus Shaffer's entire interview here.


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