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Glenn Beck Sings the Praises of "Unplanned"

The conservative political commentator takes to social media to voice his support for this pro-life Christian film.

Glenn Beck is a conservative commentator, talk-radio host and founder of Blaze TV. Image from

As founder of Blaze TV, author of a dozen top-selling books and host of the nation's 3rd highest rated talk-radio show, Glenn Beck is both a media impresario and a heavyweight in the conservative community: his audience is large, his reach impressive. So when he puts out a recommendation for your film, that is definitely to the good.

And Beck has done just that for Unplanned. He took to Twitter to inform his 1.2 million followers that he had watched a rough cut of of the movie, which tells the true story of former abortion clinic director-turned-pro-life-advocate Abby Johnson, and came away duly impressed.

"You have NEVER seen anything like this. 1/2 way through I felt for the 1st time: ‘I may see the end of abortion in my lifetime. Perhaps soon.'"

Wow, that would no doubt be an outcome beyond the wildest dreams of everyone in the pro-life camp, including the Unplanned writing-directing team of Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon. Their movie stars Christian actress Ashley Bratcher as Johnson and is due to hit theaters on March 29th. In the meantime, you will get a sense for the power of the film in the trailer.


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