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Dennis Haysbert Teams with TBN for Documentary on the Faith

The series debuts in January and focuses on how Christianity spread around the globe.

Dennis Haysbert in a clip from TBN's "Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth."

The Trinity Broadcasting Network program is called Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth and it will feature actor Dennis Haysbert as the narrator. Best known for his roles in the TV series 24 and The Unit, he uncharacteristically sports an au naturel beard in this one (it's gone gray, as you can see in the picture above). But Haysbert brings that familiar smooth, deep voice that makes him perfect for this voice-over role.

The documentary is a six-part series and it focuses on how the Gospel message spread from Jesus' 12 Apostles in the Holy Land to a modern following estimated at two billion Believers around the world. It will feature expert interviews and what a TBN press release calls "groundbreaking footage." There will also be a geographic flavor to the show, with each of four episodes devoted to one of the following regions: Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.

Christian Film Blog is not sure exactly where Haysbert stands in terms of his faith, though he did play a lead role in the top grossing Christian film of this year, Breakthrough, but he is clearly looking forward to this important project, saying he's "delighted to join TBN" in the endeavor.

"Christianity has made an astounding impact on and throughout every continent, and in Inexplicable we are taking a deep look at how that happened."

The documentary series is part of a larger 2020 project from TBN, called The State of the Faith, that will examine where things stand with Christianity around the world. As for Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth, episode one debuts on the network January 13th of next year. Until then, you can check out a preview via this link.


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