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Christian Show on History Channel

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The broadcast from well-known preacher David Jeremiah is the first ever religious program to air on the network.

Pastor David Jeremiah, head of Turning Point ministry. Image: Turning Point.

This is one of those relatively rare instances in modern America where the relentless march of secularization hits a bump in the road, which in this case, comes courtesy of California-based pastor David Jeremiah. His Turning Point television ministry is joining the History channel's programming lineup.

You may well be familiar with the show, because it already runs on more than a dozen TV channels, including the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Fox Business and USA Network. Turning Point features worship music and sermons from Pastor Jeremiah, who is both head of the ministry and the lead pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church, which has multiple campuses in the San Diego area.

In a statement to The Christian Post, Jeremiah called being the first such broadcast on History "a humbling opportunity," adding that this deal demonstrates there's a hunger for "uplifting and encouraging messages from God's Word."

"We're offering hope for a world in need of healing, and it comes from the greatest pages ever written in history."

No arguing with that, and we at Christian Film Blog will be praying God uses the program to touch a multitude of hearts.

History started airing Turning Point this week and you can catch it Monday through Friday at 6:30 AM EST/5:30 AM CST. This link to Pastor Jeremiah's website will give you a listing of where to find the channel in your area.


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