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"Breakthrough" Points to Hope in Seeming Defeat

The producer of the faith-based film reminds us that God moves in "mysterious ways."

Josh Lucas, Chrissy Metz & Marcel Ruiz in a scene from "Breakthrough."

Breakthrough tells the miraculous true story of John Smith, a Missouri teenager who fell through the ice on a lake and drowned. He lay in the hospital for 45 minutes with no heartbeat, until his mother, Joyce Smith, prayed aloud for God to restore him to life; that is exactly what happened.

This film is based on her memoir, The Impossible, and it stars Chrissy Metz as Joyce, Marcel Ruiz as John, Josh Lucas as his father and Topher Grace in the role of the family's pastor. The movie's producer, DeVon Franklin, is among the real heavyweights in the Christian movie sector. In an interview on BET, he cited Joyce Smith as an example for all believers, pointing to her refusal to allow the dire circumstances of her son's plight to trump her faith in the Lord.

"She went in that emergency room and didn't say, 'Oh, my son is dead.' She said, 'Huh-uh, I'm not calling quits until God says it's over.'"

Doctors were stunned when John's heart started to beat after his mother's prayer, and they readily acknowledged that there was no explanation for it other than God's miraculous intervention. While that sort of incredible affirmation of the Almighty's loving power may not always be the result, Franklin, who is also a preacher, encourages Christians to nevertheless trust in Him.

"Anyone that's going through a challenge, you may not get the answer to your prayer, but God is going to move in mysterious ways, because we aren't always aware of the grand plan."

Breakthrough debuts nationwide next Wednesday, April 17th. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer below.


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