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Ashley Bratcher Target of Censorship?

The Christian actress is apparently once again censored by Twitter for her pro-life views.

Ashley Bratcher at a recent pro-life conference in Ireland. Image: Ashley Bratcher/Instagram.

Ashley Bratcher shot to prominence earlier this year when she starred in the pro-life Christian film Unplanned, which is based on a memoir by the same name from Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic director-turned-right-to-life activist. The film, from Christian filmmakers Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, was a hit at the box office and later went on to claim the number one spot for sales on Amazon.

That success came despite concerted efforts from pro-abortion forces to suppress the movie, which we wrote about here and here. And Bratcher herself fell victim to an apparent censorship campaign from Twitter at the time. And now, it has happened again.

The content of this recent post on Twitter from Ashley Bratcher was blocked by the social media platform. Image: Ashley Bratcher/Twitter.

Days ago, she posted a video on her account in which she plays the part of a woman who marries, becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby. It is a sweet and innocuous clip filmed for a medical center. Twitter, however, blocked the video, as you can see in the screen grab image to the left. Bratcher appealed to the company for an explanation, but heard nothing back.

The past performance of Twitter and fellow abortion supporters makes this no great mystery, it seems to us: they want to kill the pro-life movement and silence those who support it, and they readily use suppression of free speech as a means to that end. Three cheers to Bratcher for refusing to cave in to their tactics of intimidation. We at Christian Film Blog will be praying for her continued courage.


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