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Another Strong Day for "Unplanned"

The pro-life Christian film follows up a great weekend at the box office with an exceptional Monday performance.

Robia Scott and Ashley Bratcher in a scene from "Unplanned."

First, we promise not to start bombarding you with daily updates on the box office numbers...once a week is normally sufficient. In the case of Unplanned, however, we feel today's exception is warranted.

Why? Because after this film from the writer/director team of Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman doubled revenue predictions in its debut weekend - $6.4 million vs. $3 million - and announced it will add nearly 60% more theaters next weekend, there was some chatter about whether it could sustain its momentum. Monday's results seem to indicate that, yes, it can.

As with the weekend box office race, Unplanned came in fourth place overall yesterday, bringing in almost $700,000. More importantly, though, its Sunday-to-Monday revenue drop was the smallest of all films in the Top-10 at just 58%, according to The Numbers. For comparison, the three top movies all dropped at least 70%.

Beyond that, Unplanned had the third highest per theater average for revenue, meaning its bottom line should really climb once it expands to nearly 1,700 theaters this coming weekend. Oh, by the way, it's total revenue so far stands at $7 million, which is a million more than it cost to make...and we're only four days in to its theatrical run.


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