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A Call to Unity from "Duck Dynasty" Patriarch Phil Robertson

The conservative Christian says division and discord are tearing away the fabric of America and our faith is the way to fix it.

Phil Robertson is a man of many talents - professional hunter, inventor, successful businessman, former college athlete, former star of A&E's reality TV hit Duck Dynasty and current star of In the Woods with Phil on Blaze TV. He is also an author and has a new book out: The Theft of America's Soul: Blowing the Lid off the Lies That are Destroying Our Country.

In a column for The Christian Post based on the book, Robertson points out the poisonous nature of our politics and how it has divided the nation into warring camps that are tearing us apart. He believes, however, that there is hope.

"Divisions can be repaired and unity reached. How is this possible? Through the saving message of Christ."

Robertson says he experienced that personally when, as a much younger man, he first went to White's Ferry Road Church and became a Christian. He was a self-described "redneck" who was "poor as dirt," but in that Louisiana congregation, he fellowshipped with wealthy businessmen, blue-collar workers, men, women, whites and blacks. They accepted each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and that allowed them to put differences aside.

"The Almighty looks at the heart, and he wants us to be unified under his saving message.  Couldn’t our modern world use a dose of this message of unity?"

Phil Robertson's book is published by Thomas Nelson and is now available.


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