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A Big Drop at the Box Office for "The Least of These"

The Christian movie's theater count plummets and takes the revenue with it.

The Least of These stars Christian actors Stephen Baldwin and Shari Rigby, as well as Bollywood veteran Sharman Joshi, and tells the true story of martyred missionary Graham Staines. Its second weekend in release was an inauspicious one: it brought in just $22,000 from Friday through Sunday.

That is down from $312,000 a week earlier - a whopping 93% drop - and puts the Aneesh Daniel-directed film at number 53 on Box Office Mojo's weekend revenue list, down from 28th. The sharp fall is primarily due to the movie's theater count: The Least of These played at only 43 venues nationwide versus 440 during its opening weekend.

The film, based on Graham Staines and his work with lepers in India - work that cost him and his two young sons their lives at the hands of HIndu extremists - was shot on location in India and will debut there on March 1st. Sharman Joshi and most of the rest of the cast are Bollywood actors, which will no doubt help turnout the audiences there.


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