• Thomas Bonifield

Wow, "Free Burma Rangers" are Real-Life Superheroes!

Updated: Mar 15

A family of Christian missionaries brings hope and relief to those in the world's conflict zones.

A promotional poster for the Christian documentary, "Free Burma Rangers." Image: "Free Burma Rangers"/Instagram.

Free Burma Rangers is a documentary that profiles American missionaries David and Karen Eubank, charting their 20-year missionary career helping victims of conflict in places as far afield as Syria, Iraq and Burma, the Asian country from which their organization derives its name. And this is a true family affair, as the Eubank's three young children accompany them on their missions to the front lines.

Even a cursory viewing of the film's trailer makes clear Mr. and Mrs. Eubank have a deep and abiding faith, venturing into true life and death situations to provide comfort and spread the Good News of the Gospel to those facing the privations of war. Having covered our fair share of conflict in places like Bosnia, Iraq and Israel, we can attest that this sort of thing is not for the faint of heart and demands some personal courage. But to take one's wife and children along for the ride, well, that is something that moves the proposition to an entirely different level.

David Eubank is, however, uniquely equipped for his mission. The son of missionary parents himself, he grew up in Thailand before going on to a career in the U.S. military's special forces. Also a graduate of Fuller Seminary, he has spent the past two decades leading his Free Burma Rangers, a multi-ethnic relief organization, and understands clearly the stakes he and his family are facing as they trust the Lord and pursue their calling.

"You have one life and you might as well go for it, because what are you going to hold onto?"

And that is not idle chatter, as you will see below in the trailer, which is one of the most compelling we've seen in a long time. Christian filmmaker Stephen Kendrick, of the Kendrick Brothers, said of this documentary after watching it that it's, "When following Jesus turns into an action movie!" We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Free Burma Rangers is a Fathom Event, meaning it will be a limited release, playing in select theaters just February 24th and 25th. You can find out where via this link.