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"Washington's Armor" to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Producers of the faith-based project about America's founding father hope to raise the remaining funds they need to finish the picture.

Jeremy Gauna, Timothy Perez-Ross and Willie Mellina (from left) in a scene from the pilot. Image: "Washington's Armor."

Focusing on the life of young George Washington and the role that God played in it, Washington's Armor was originally planned as a six-part miniseries. That has changed since the pilot episode premiered back in September, 2019, and it is now being billed on the production's website as a "feature film trilogy."

Executive producer/director Tammy Lane and her team have already shot 65% of movie number one, but need some help to get the production across the finish line. To that end, they are going the crowdfunding route with a campaign that begins next month on Indiegogo. The target amount has not yet been posted, but judging by the high-level production value of that pilot, which Christian Film Blog reviewed here, it will not be cheap: we're guessing well north of $1 million.

Micah Lynn Hanson and Willie Mellina in a scene from the pilot. Image: "Washington's Armor."

The cast, led by Willie Mellina in the role of George Washington, is quite strong and features top-notch Christian actresses Ashley Bratcher (Unplanned) and Micah Lynn Hanson - who played a lead part in our first feature, Miracle on Christmas - and long-time star of the contemporary Christian music scene, Michael W. Smith; he joined the production for the latest round of shooting in Texas earlier this year.

The action takes place two decades prior to the American Revolution, when George Washington was still a loyal colonial subject of the British empire. On the project's crowdfunding page, it promises that the trilogy of films will "depict Washington's perilous journey and the miraculous life-changing events that shape his character, preparing him for leadership, and fulfilling his divine purpose." The first installment of the trilogy, which filmmakers hope to premiere later this year, is entitled The Journey and it will incorporate the aforementioned pilot.

Of course, it only happens if the outstanding financing comes together. You can play a part in that effort by contributing via this link to the project's Indiegogo page; the campaign launches on May 1st. In the meantime, the trailer below will give you a feel for what to expect from the movie.


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