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Upcoming Releases - 2019: "Unplanned" is a True Story Inspired by a Divine Whisper

This pro-life Christian film is due to be released in Spring.

Ashley Bratcher plays lead character Abby Johnson in "Unplanned."

A biopic based on the best-selling book by the same name, Unplanned tackles the abortion issue head on. But much like the book's author - Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic administrator turned committed pro-life proponent - it does so with compassion. Recognizing the heated politics around the issue, however, filmmakers nevertheless shot the movie in secret to avoid trouble from pro-abortion extremists.

Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman (God's Not Dead) wrote and directed the picture and Ashley Bratcher plays the role of Johnson. Though the movie examines the issue from both sides of the battle line, it comes down squarely on the side of life, as did the real-life protagonist.

Until 2009, Johnson worked for abortion industry behemoth Planned Parenthood, directing a Texas clinic that performed 22,000 of the life-stopping procedures on unborn babies. When she became a mother, however, the Lord touched her.

"Being a mom...softened my heart to be able to listen to that whisper of God, saying, 'You can't do this anymore.'"

That prompted her to quit the abortion business and become a vocal pro-life advocate, even in the face of a Planned Parenthood lawsuit aimed at silencing her. Bratcher, too, is pro-life and was drawn to the role despite being cautioned against it.

"'I was warned by multiple people. Even people who knew I had auditioned and just read the script said, 'You'll never work again, I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole: don't do it.' And I said, 'There's no way I can't not do it."'

Courage from the real-life Abby Johnson and from Ashley Bratcher, the actress who plays her in Unplanned: sounds like the perfect combination for a redemptive and inspiring Christian film.

Unplanned hits theaters in March of next year. There is as yet no trailer available, but Christian Film Blog will bring it to you when it comes out.


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