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Upcoming Releases - 2019: The Kendrick Brothers Return to Their Roots

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

The top moviemaking team in the Christian genre is coming out with a sports drama about high school coach who surmounts difficulties by trusting in God.

Alex and Stephen Kendrick are currently in the edit suite, putting the finishing touches on their sixth feature film: Overcomer. It tells the tale of a basketball coach - played by Alex - whose dreams of winning a state championship come unraveled because of circumstances beyond his control. Then thrust into the role of his school's cross-country coach, he trains a runner with amazing talent.

Several other prominent Christian actors, including Priscilla Shirer, Shari Rigby and Cameron Arnett, also star in the film.

Written by both Kendrick brothers, Overcomer is directed by Alex and produced by Stephen, who says, "This movie deals with the vital issue of identity." For believers, Alex adds, that needs to be directly connected to God.

"We believe that the Creator gets to define His creation and that our value comes when we find our identity in Christ."

The Kendrick brothers burst onto the scene 12 years ago with their second movie, Facing the Giants. A film about a high school football coach who, against incredible odds, leads his team to a title, it generated $10 million at the box office on a budget of just $100,000. Since then, they have produced one hit after another, all the while staying true to their Christian principles.

Overcomer is scheduled to hit theaters August 23, 2019. The full trailer has yet to be released, but they have put out an abbreviated teaser trailer.


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