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Touching Story Behind "I Still Believe"

The next picture from the Erwin Brothers tells the love story of Christian rocker Jeremy Camp and his late wife Melissa.

Lead actor K.J. Apa in a scene from "I Still Believe."

Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin are among the top filmmakers in the Christian genre and I Still Believe, due out next spring, is their fifth movie. The first picture from their new Kingdom Studios, it will follow their big hit from 2018, I Can Only Imagine, a biopic about another Christian musician, Bart Millard.

The Erwin Brothers know their business and have assembled a big-time cast for this one, including New Zealander K.J. Apa - in the role of Camp - Gary Sinise, Shania Twain, Britt Robertson, Nathan Parsons and Melissa Roxburgh. And then there's the story itself, a true life tale of love, loss, faith in God and the faithfulness of God.

Camp was a young worship leader at a church in San Diego, CA when he married his first wife, Melissa. She was then suffering from ovarian cancer, which he knew, and died less than half a year later at just 21 years old. Though obviously heart-wrenching at the time, her death drew him closer to God and became the source of inspiration for much of his early music, including "I Still Believe," which was the first song Camp wrote after Melissa went to be with the Lord.

Filming of the movie was scheduled to wrap last week in Mobile, AL, and among those on hand were her family members. Our friends from Movieguide spoke with Melissa's younger sister Megan Henning - clearly a strong Believer - who gave her blessing to the project.

"This movie will bring glory to God, and that was Melissa's whole motive in life. And when you finally see that, it opens you to fall in love with God."

In previous interviews, Camp, who is re-married and has children, said Melissa told him if her death brought just one person to the Lord, it would be worth it. The music she inspired him to write has no doubt helped pave the way for many to find salvation and this movie will certainly touch the hearts of many, many more.

I Still Believe is scheduled to hit theaters next March. In the meantime, you can watch Movieguide's behind-the-scenes look at the film via this link.


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