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Theatrical Run Winds Down Quickly for "Indivisible"

Three and a half weeks after its release, the faith-based film is now showing in fewer than 100 theaters.

This David Evans-directed movie debuted on just 830 screens to begin with, which is dramatically below the usual 4,000 for blockbusters and only about half the average of most Christian films. This past weekend, the fourth for Indivisible, the theater count dropped to 59.

Revenue followed the same trajectory, coming at about $26,000 for Friday through Sunday, according to Box Office Mojo, down from $165,000 over the same three-day period from the previous week. The number puts Indivisible outside the top 40 money-makers for this past weekend.

Starring Justin Bruening and Sarah Drew, and featuring a strong Christian message of forgiveness and redemption, the film tells the true story of US Army chaplain Darren Turner and his fight to save his marriage after a lengthy deployment in Iraq.


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