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The Trailer Releases for Joel Smallbone's Movie "Unsung Hero"

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The picture tells the true story of the difficult relocation to America by the future member of For King + Country and his family.

Joel Smallbone (center) portrays his father, David, in a scene from "Unsung Hero."
Joel Smallbone (center) portrays his father, David, in a scene from "Unsung Hero." Image: Kingdom Story Company/Lionsgate/screenshot from YouTube.

As part of perhaps the biggest act in Christian music today, Joel Smallbone is distantly removed from a boyhood of living hand-to-mouth after the family of seven children moved from Australia to Nashville with their parents in 1991. But as Unsung Hero demonstrates, the iron will and unwavering Christian faith of his mother, Helen, helped see them through to the eventual success of their sister Rebecca St. James in the music business.

A digital movie poster for "Unsung Hero."
A digital movie poster for "Unsung Hero." Image: Kingdom Story Company/Lionsgate/from Instagram.

And it is thus Helen, played by Australian actress Daisy Betts, who is the unsung hero to whom the title refers. She and her husband David, a music promoter from Australia looking for a fresh start in the States, were at one point forced to enlist all of their children in a lawn service business to help put food on the table after their move.

39-year-old Joel Smallbone, who with his brother Luke now makes up the musical duo For King + Country, plays his father in this picture, which is also his directorial debut; he teamed up with Richard Ramsey as both co-director and co-writer. The faith-based picture features Lady A singer Hillary Scott in an on-screen role as well as Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure, whose company Candy Rock Entertainment partnered with Lionsgate and the Erwin Brothers' Kingdom Story Company to help produce it.

Unsung Hero is scheduled to release in theaters on April 26th of next year. Until then, you can check out the trailer below to get a better feel for the movie.


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