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"The Shift" Hangs onto a Spot in the Top-10 at the Box Office

The faith-based allegory manages the feat two weekends in row.

Neal McDonough (foreground) and Sean Astin appear in a scene from "The Shift."
Neal McDonough (foreground) and Sean Astin appear in a scene from "The Shift." Image: Angel Studios.

The Shift brought in an estimated $2.1 million at theaters from Friday through Sunday, according to early data from The Numbers website. Though down about 50% from its debut a week earlier, that was still good enough to put the picture in tenth place overall, which is two spots lower than its inaugural weekend.

That bring the film's total ticket revenue so far to a respectable $8.5 million through ten days in release. With a reported production budget of $6.4 million, the film is well on its way toward profitability (theatrical releases generally need to more than double their money at the box office, in terms of ticket-sales-versus-production-costs, in order to make a profit).

Loosely based on the Old Testament book of Job, the film stars Christian actor Kristoffer Polaha as a man who is desparately striving to reunite with the love of his life after he is cast into a grim parallel reality by a devil-like character called The Benefactor. Hollywood veteran Neal McDonough portrays that villian, while Sean Astin - another Christian actor - and Elizabeth Tabish of The Chosen round out the principal cast.


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