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"The Chosen" Brings Home a Trophy

This streaming show about the earthly ministry of Christ beats out big-time competition at the 2021 K-LOVE Fan Awards.

Lead actor Jonathan Roumie (center) in a scene from the series. Image: "The Chosen."

Being a national Christian radio network, K-LOVE is known for music, as is its annual awards show which took place at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, underlining that fact. But they also have one category that's relevant for us: the Film and Television Impact award. And the competition was stiff, including I Still Believe - the Jeremy Camp biopic from the Erwin Brothers - and A Week Away, another faith-based feature film that made quite a splash when it debuted on Netflix earlier this year.

Jonathan Roumie and Dallas Jenkins at the K-LOVE Fan Awards. Image: Jonathan Roumie/Instagram.

Seeing as how these are the K-LOVE Fan Awards - emphasis on the word fan - there was little doubt in our minds that The Chosen would take home the hardware, because fans vote to pick the winner, giving it some huge advantages.

First, it's a multi-season series, meaning it remains fresh in the minds of supporters, something that's harder for movies to do since they are only in release for a limited time. Second, the popularity of this program is to be truly marveled at: it's the number one all-time crowdfunding media project, it's been watched in more than 180 countries, and it's already garnered 180 million views in just a season and a half. In a word, WOW!

We do not know how much it won by, but we would guess that the vote was not even close in light of the aforementioned benchmarks to this streaming show's credit. So we tip our hats to creator/director Dallas Jenkins, lead actor Jonathan Roumie and the rest of the team for a well-deserved victory. And if you haven't seen The Chosen yet, you can do so for free via this link to its website.


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