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Phil Robertson Draws Gospel for President

The former star of "Duck Dynasty" takes an unbelievable step of boldness with Donald Trump.

Phil Robertson, star of Blaze TV's "In the Woods with Phil." Image from Blaze TV.

Phil Robertson is a professional hunter, businessman and reality TV personality who shot to fame on A&E's Duck Dynasty and now stars in his own show on Blaze TV: In the Woods with Phil. Also a conservative social and political commentator, he is recently out with a new book, The Theft of America's Soul: Blowing the Lid off the Lies That are Destroying Our Country, from publisher Thomas Nelson.

First and foremost, however, Robertson is a Christian, and one who's eager to share his faith. During an interview on the podcast The Billy & Justin Show, he relates what he did when he met then-candidate Donald Trump during 2016. Knowing he would have only minutes to interact with him, Robertson says he thought he'd have "to get the Gospel to him in a hurry," so he actually sketched it on a piece of paper.

"I reached in my pocket and I drew out the gospel in hieroglyphic form…an arrow coming out of heaven, the Lord becoming flesh 2,019 years ago, the cross where he died, the tomb and the arrow coming out of the tomb and the final return."

When he passed that to Mr. Trump, the future president asked what it was. Roberston then proceeded to explain the Good News to him. It apparently had quite an impact because Mr. Trump, who acknowledged he had sinned, still had the diagram with him the next time he and Robertson met. It is an interesting interview and Christian Film Blog recommends you take a listen via this link to The Billy & Justin Show.


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