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Patricia Heaton Praying for Kanye West

The Christian actress also shares a warning for the newly converted rap music star.

Christian actress and star of "Carol's Second Act," Patricia Heaton. Image: Patricia Heaton/Instagram.

Patricia Heaton is one of Hollywood's most outspoken Believers, regularly talking in public fora about issues of faith. The star of Carol's Second Act on CBS is now voicing support for Kanye West, who recently announced he became a Christian, rejected secular music and last week put out a new album called Jesus is King

Heaton tells The Christian Post that she is praying for him, adding, "I never thought I'd be downloading any Kanye West music, but here we are." She went on to explain she foresees challenges for him because of the decision he made for Christ and the public nature in which it is playing out.

"I think when someone of his stature in the industry and someone who has his amount of fame makes that kind of proclamation, people then really watch and scrutinize everything he does to catch him falling down."

The 61-year-old Emmy-winner believes people will actually be rooting for West to fail at Christianity, but is hopeful "he is able to handle it." She is no doubt correct in her assumption, but God certainly does not want Kanye West to fail, and neither do we, so - together with our Christian sister, Patricia Heaton, and many, many other Believers - will be praying that he remains strong in the faith!


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