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"Overcomer" is Tops in Brazil

The Christian movie's off to a strong start in its final overseas market and is already winning souls to Christ.

Actress Aryn Wright-Thompson during a break in filming of "Overcomer." Image: Alex Kendrick/Instagram.

Overcomer, the sixth feature film from the brother duo of Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick, opened Thursday in Brazil and immediately shot to number one at the box office. In claiming the top position, it went past a host of local films and several other international offerings, like Ford v Ferrari, Midway and The Addams Family.

As we mentioned in an earlier article, Brazil is an increasingly important country for American Christian movies and Alex Kendrick, who plays the lead role, directed the movie and co-wrote the screenplay with Stephen, traveled there to help market the picture. After opening night, he put out a post on social media to let fans know about the stellar debut, but also made clear in his missive that it was about more than just pride in the film's performance: a host of Brazilian moviegoers reportedly became Believers.

"Many people are coming to Jesus! One theater had 100 people make a decision for Christ on the first day!!! Praise the Lord!!!"

Praise the Lord, indeed! That is fantastic news and a real demonstration of the power of faith-based films done right, which Overcomer certainly is. The picture, which grossed $34.7 million in North America, focuses on the importance of finding our indentity in Christ and features a strong cast of Christian actors, including Cameron Arnett, Shari Rigby, Priscilla Shirer and Aryn Wright-Thompson. It goes on sale domestically in the digital format on Tuesday, November 26th.


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