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One-Day Release for "The Reliant"

The film stars Kevin Sorbo and is a rare action-adventure film in the Christian genre.

Kevin Sorbo, Blake Burt & Josh Murray in a scene from "The Reliant." Image: James Burgess/Instagram.

It's been a long time coming for The Reliant, which wrapped up production back in September, 2016, but the movie finally has a release date. It will debut nationwide on October, 24th...and it will end its theatrical run on the same date.

Yes, a single day in theaters, which has to be disappointing for everyone involved, especially considering what a tough process it was to get to this point. We covered that here, but the film faced everything from cash short-falls to an initial "R" rating that prompted them to re-edit it in order to secure a "PG-13" instead.

The movie, which is based on a pro-second amendment novel by the same name, focuses on the breakdown of social order in an America hit by financial meltdown, and it features gun violence and self-defense, so this is not your standard faith-based fare. It does have a good cast though, including Christian actor Kevin Sorbo, Brian Bosworth, Mollee Gray and Nicole C. Mullen, a Dove Award-winning Christian singer.

The one-day showing is being put on by Fathom Events - a joint venture of the three largest U.S. theater chains - which specializes in this limited-time distribution model. You can find a venue near you via this link.


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