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New Miniseries Focuses on the Redemption of Phil Robertson & Family

Made famous on reality TV's "Duck Dynasty," members of the clan share candidly about battles with addiction, depression, infidelity and their healing through faith in Christ.

A family photo of the Robertsons with Phil and Kay seated in the center. Image: "I am Second."

Phil Robertson and his family are strong Believers who are outspoken about their walk with the Lord. A recently released film series from I am Second provides a fresh and powerful look at the many trials they have overcome in their journeys of faith.

At times painfully frank, Dysfunction to Dynasty: The Roberston Family is an eight-part production that runs a bit over 80 minutes and is told via interviews with several members of the Louisiana clan. In addition to Phil and his wife Kay, the series includes others familiar from Duck Dynasty - the A&E show that launched the Robertsons to fame - like eldest son Al and youngest son Jep, as well as one grandchild and a recently discovered adult daughter from an extra-marital affair Phil had decades ago.

Through all the failings, self-inflicted wounds, betrayals and pain, a common thread of saving grace in Christ unites the family members' stories of redemption. And it is this, Phil Robertson says in Chapter 3 of the series, that really marks his family.

"When you stand on the Gospel, you stand up for Jesus (and) you tend to stand out among the world's population."

This series of testimonies from three generations of the Robertson family is well-done and engaging, the kind of production that I am Second - a Dallas-based Christian non-profit - is known for. You can find out more about that group here, and you can watch the new series Dysfunction to Dynasty here. The trailer below will give you a better sense for what to expect.

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