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New Look at George Washington Miniseries "Washington's Armor"

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

This Christian project focuses on the early life of America's founding father and the Lord's role in it.

Actor Tim Ross & director Tammy Lane on the set of "Washington's Armor." Image: Ross' Instagram page.

Washington's Armor is gearing up for the third and final leg of production for its pilot episode. Filming kicks off next month in Virginia, the state George Washington called home. Christian director Tammy Lane is leading the project, which is being produced by Aaron Burns, a man with a track record of success in the faith-based film industry, having worked on War Room and Overcomer from the Kendrick Brothers.

This six episode miniseries stars Tim Ross, Ashley Bratcher and former theater actor Willie Mellina, who plays the lead role. Christian Film Blog has seen no numbers on the production budget, but filmmakers are spending good money on the pilot. It is being shot over the course of four months and in three locations - upstate New York, Texas and, as mentioned, Virginia. The sets, costumes and props - as in any period piece worth its salt - look very authentic, too, meaning they don't come cheap.

The Texas shooting was done outside Fort Worth at Capernaum Studios, which is owned by Lane, so they likely saved on that leg of the production. As you will see in the behind-the-scenes trailer below, though, this is a quality endeavor: whatever it costs, the money is being well spent.

There is no word yet on when or where Washington's Armor will air once it's complete. That, however, will evidently be well into the future, because they won't even begin shooting episode two until the fall.


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