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Living out the Great Commandment is at the Heart of "Ordinary Angels"

The next film from the Erwin Brothers tells the true story of a community helping those most in need.

Hilary Swank plays a leading role in "Ordinary Angels."
Hilary Swank plays a lead role in "Ordinary Angels." Image: Kingdom Story Company/Lionsgate/screenshot from YouTube.

The follow-up to their hit movie Jesus Revolution will constitute a departure for the brother duo of Andrew and Jon Erwin. Ordinary Angels, which releases in the fall, is the first film from their Kingdom Story Company that does not feature one or both of them as writer or director.

Kevin Downes is a partner at Kingdom Story Company and a producer of "Ordinary Angels."
Kevin Downes is a partner at Kingdom Story Company and a producer of "Ordinary Angels." Image: Kevin Downes/from Instagram.

Instead, the Alabama natives are producers of this picture, which tells the true story of a struggling hairdresser who rallies her town to help save the critically ill daughter of a widower during a blizzard. Hollywood stars Hilary Swank and Alan Ritchson play the lead parts and the movie is directed by Christian filmmaker Jon Gunn, who has executive produced the Erwin's last three features.

Kevin Downes, a partner with the brothers at Kingdom Story Company, is also among the producers on this film, which at its heart is about taking care of others. That, of course, is the second half of the so-called Great Commandment that Jesus speaks in Matthew 12:31 - loving your neighbor as yourself - and Downes tells Movieguide he wants the film to "show how we can love our neighbor in ways that put others in front."

"I'm hoping that this kind of gives an example of what one community did in the face of extraordinary circumstances, and how they rallied together and lifted each other up."

He and the Erwins are all committed Believers and Ordinary Angels is the fourth faith-based feature film from their company under the partnership they launched with Lionsgate studio in 2019. The movie is scheduled to release in theaters October 13th and the trailer below will give you a better feel for what to expect in the meantime.

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