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Lara Silva of "The Chosen" Stars in "Divine Influencer"

The new movie is the latest release from the Great American Pure Flix streaming service.

Lead actress Lara Silva appears in a scene from "Divine Influencer."
Lead actress Lara Silva appears in a scene from "Divine Influencer." Image: Great American Pure Flix/screenshot from YouTube.

Fans of the hit series The Chosen know Lara Silva from her portrayal on that show of Eden, the wife of the Apostle Peter. Now she is playing the lead role in a streaming film called Divine Influencer that was released this weekend on the recently rechristened Great American Pure Flix platform.

In the production, Silva's character is a high-flying influencer on social media, at least that is until her parents cut her off financially. She then falls on hard times and, in an effort to regain her prominence, endeavors to use a homeless shelter as a vehicle to draw followers. It is an altogether humbling experience that opens her up to trusting in the Lord.

This faith-based story is directed by committed Christian Shari Rigby, better known as an actress who played in a good many films, including two from the top filmmaking teams in the genre: Overcomer from the Kendrick Brothers and October Baby from the Erwin Brothers. It has a strong supporting cast as well, including a couple of actors we at Christian Film Blog know and love: Jason Burkey - who plays the man in charge of the aforementioned shelter - and Micah Lynn Hanson, both of whom starred in our 2020 feature film, Miracle on Christmas and who are each Believers.

Divine Influencer is available exclusively on the Great American Pure Flix streaming platform, which is a subscription-based service; you can find out more about it and even sign up for a free trial via this link to the company's website. In the meantime, the trailer below will give you a better feel for the movie.


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