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Latest Project from Ashley Bratcher

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The Christian actress stars in a new episode of Pure Flix's leading series.

Ashley Bratcher in a scene from "The Encounter." Image: Ashley Bratcher/Instagram/Pure Flix.

Ashley Bratcher, fresh off the success of last year's hit pro-life movie Unplanned, has teamed up with the faith-based filmmakers at Pure Flix to play the lead role in the eighth and final episode of season two of The Encounter. That's the series on their streaming platform that centers on people having a modern-day meeting with Jesus, who is played by Christian actor Bruce Marchiano.

The latest season of "The Encounter" is now available on Pure Flix's streaming service.

Pure Flix recently released the entire second season, which features Emma Elle Robertson and Jared Lotz, who also played parts in Unplanned, in episode six and one of our favorite Christian actresses - Shari Rigby, who starred in Overcomer - in episode five.

As for Bratcher, her character in The Encounter is a stay-at-home mother who longs for a life of excitement, only to question her choice when she wakes up to find herself leading that wished for existence. Marchiano's Jesus character opens her eyes to the consequences of that decision.

While Christian Film Blog has not yet seen any of the season two episodes, the first season was well done and made the show what Pure Flix calls its "most anticipated," meaning it's a big hit. If you'd like to check it out, visit their website for a free trial of the streaming service.


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