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Kristoffer Polaha Leads a Strong Cast in "The Shift"

The Christian actor stars in this faith-based science fiction movie that releases in theaters this weekend.

Kristoffer Polaha (right) and Neal McDonough appear together in a scene from "The Shift."
Kristoffer Polaha (right) and Neal McDonough appear together in a scene from "The Shift." Image: Angel Studios/screenshot from YouTube.

Most recognizable as one of the leading men on the Hallmark Channel, Kristoffer Polaha is bringing his considerable talent to The Shift. A committed Believer, he is no stranger to the silver screen, having played in faith-based features like Run the Race (2018) and Where Hope Grows (2014). In this picture, he portrays a character repeatedly cast into multiple dystopian worlds by a devil-like villain called The Benefactor, who relentlessly entices him to do his bidding.

A digital movie poster for "The Shift."
A digital movie poster for "The Shift." Image: Angel Studios.

Loosely inspired by the Old Testament book of Job, the story features Neal McDonough in that latter role. Aside from always playing a particularly convincing bad guy, we like him because he is among the most principled Believers in Hollywood, having even lost work over his refusal to take part in love scenes out of fidelity to his real-life spouse. Christian actor Sean Astin and several players from The Chosen round out the cast.

They include Liz Tabish - Mary Magdalene on that hit show about the life of Christ - in the part of the wife of Polaha's character. It is his longing for her that drives his struggle to break free from the grim alternate reality in which he finds himself.

In addition to the aforementioned actor connection, there is a fair amount of cross-pollination between The Chosen and The Shift. This feature film is a production from Angel Studios, which helped launch that show, and Dallas Jenkins - creator and director of The Chosen - is an executive producer of this sci-fi thriller.

The Shift releases in theaters this Friday, December 1st, and you can purchase tickets to a venue in your area via this link to the movie's website. In the meantime, the trailer below will give you a better sense for what to expect.

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