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Jonathan Roumie Takes a Stand against Abortion at the March for Life

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

The star of "The Chosen" joined thousands of fellow pro-life supporters at the 50th annual demonstration in Washington, DC.

Jonathan Roumie address pro-life demonstrators at the 50th annual March for Life yesterday in Washington, DC.
Jonathan Roumie addresses pro-life demonstrators at the 50th annual March for Life yesterday in Washington, DC. Image: March for Life/Instagram screenshot.

Calling the fight to end abortion "the noblest and worthiest cause possible," Jonathan Roumie drew raucous cheers from right-to-life supporters at the March for Life. The star of The Chosen - the hit series about the life of Christ - addressed the crowd yesterday at the 50th annual march, and the first one since the U.S. Supreme Court last year struck down the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide in 1973.

Roumie, who plays the Jesus character in the streaming show, reminded his listeners that Christ is the light of the world and the author of life. He then called on them to continue to stand for life for those who cannot yet stand for themselves since abortion has not been outlawed, but rather left to each of the 50 states to regulate.

"You have chosen to journey to our nation's capital today not only to mourn the 64 million children lost through abortion over the last 50 years, but to champion those yet to be born on the road to their own birth, made in the image of the Creator Himself, and to testify to the miraculous sanctity of life itself."

The self-described born-again Catholic also acknowledged the role of Satan in the killing of the innocent, calling him "the father of lies," who pushes people to doubt, when they "know the right thing to do." Roumie, who clearly feels deep passion about saving the unborn, also implored the marchers to treat pro-abortion forces in a Christ-like way.

"I beg of you, pray for those who do not have the faith, the strength, the clarity of purpose that you here do."

The New-York-born actor is a minority voice in the movie and TV industry on this issue, and admitted this was the first time he has publicly taken a stand for life, saying his appearance was "neither the obvious career choice nor an easy decision." He added, however, that he is committed "to follow the promptings of the Spirit," who compelled him to speak out, because "God is love. And true love gives way to life, not death."

As to Roumie's professional endeavors, the final episodes of Season 3 of The Chosen will hit the silver screen for a two-day special engagement beginning on February 2nd, as we reported here. He will also star in the latest feature film from the Erwin Brothers - Jesus Revolution - which comes to theaters nationwide February 24th.


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