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"Indivisible" Wraps up its Theatrical Run

The film finishes just outside the all-time top 50 box office leaders in the Christian genre.

Indivisible stars Sarah Drew and Justin Bruening and tells the true story of a US Army chaplain's fight to save his marriage after a difficult deployment to Iraq. Directed by David Evans, it is a powerfully told tale of Christian forgiveness and redemption within the bonds of matrimony.

The movie debuted in 830 theaters on October 26, 2018 and brought in $1.5 million on its opening weekend. It ultimately was in release for 10 weeks and generated box office revenue of $3.5 million, placing it 53rd on the list of leading Christian films, according to Box Office Mojo.

Indivisible cost $2.3 million to make, meaning it failed to double its budget, which is the typical marker that must be passed by a Hollywood movie for it to make a profit. Christian Film Blog thought this picture had all the ingredients to do better at the box office. It would seem, however, that its low theater count - the other leading Christian movies of last year all opened with 1,400-plus theaters - proved an insurmountable obstacle.

The film will be available for purchase digitally and on Blu-Ray and DVD January 29th, though, so the revenue streams have not yet run dry.


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