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"Indivisible" Closes in on 10 Weeks in Theaters

The Christian movie will hit that milestone this coming weekend, provided it can hold on.

Indivisible brought in $2,000 this past weekend, claiming 58th place on Box Office Mojo's list of top performers. That's up three spots from the previous weekend despite the fact that the movie's theater count dropped from 17 to nine.

Once the numbers get that low, there is no guarantee a film will be around for another weekend. Indivisible is also already scheduled to go on sale on DVD/Blu-Ray and digital January 29th, so it won't be on the big screen much longer.

This David Evans-directed picture has now generated $3.5 million and ranks 53rd all-time among films in the Christian genre. It is, however, more than a quater of a million dollars short of the next one on the list, so, with its theatrical run nearing its end, there is no chance it will move up.

The film stars Justin Bruening, Sarah Drew, Jason George and Tia Mowry and tells the true story of an Iraq War veteran and US Army chaplain who fights to save his marriage after a long, difficult deployment.


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