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Great News for Sadie Robertson Huff!

She and her husband are expecting their first child.

Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband Christian Huff show off sonogram images of their baby. Image: Sadie Robertson Huff/Instagram.

Much of America watched Sadie Robertson grow through her teenage years as one of the stars on the hit reality TV show Duck Dynasty. The Christian actress, speaker and author is now 23 years old, married and known as Sadie Robertson Huff; and she will soon be a mother as well.

She and her husband Christian Huff took to social media to announce her pregnancy and show off sonogram images of the baby. In her post, Robertson Huff praised the Lord, saying, "God is still believing in us. God is still bringing forth LIFE." She also expressed her gratitude and love.

"We are thankful to be carrying a miracle into the world! Baby, you are already loved and already believed in. Can’t wait to welcome you into the world with all the joy, hope, and excitement you will bring into the life of so many by your miraculous incredible life."

Amen to that! The birth of a baby may well be the most miraculous and wonderful blessing the Lord bestows upon us, and we at Christian Film Blog will be praying for both mother and child. No word on the gender of the baby or a due date for the couple, who were married just under one year ago. As for Christian Huff, he posted a similar image on his social media page, captioning it simply: "mom & dad."


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