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Goose Bumps on Set of "I Still Believe"

The three primary cast members shoot their first scene together and it was something else.

Extras fill an arena for a scene in "I Still Believe." Image from the film's Instagram page.

I Still Believe, the next picture from Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin, just finished its second week of shooting in Mobile, AL and things are going really well. A biopic about Chrisitian singer Jeremy Camp, the film is the first from the brothers' new Kingdom Studios, a partnership with Lionsgate, and it features a high-profile cast.

K.J. Apa, star of the TV series Riverdale, is Camp and Hollywood veteran Gary Sinise and country music star Shania Twain play his parents. The Erwins are co-directing this movie and Andrew says the entire cast is "something you could only dream about as a director," while Jon adds it was "very special" when those lead actors were all on set together.

"Just actually finished our first scene with all three...pretty amazing moment - kind of goose bumps."

This picture follows the Erwin Brothers' big hit I Can Only Imagine, another biopic about a Christian singer - Bart Millard of Mercy Me - and, as with that one, features partner Kevin Downes in the role of producer. It will also be a major production. Andrew Erwin said that there were several scenes this past week that took his breath away because the film is on "a whole new scale."

"We did a big concert the other day where we had 3,500 extras. It's more than we've ever had in anything, a record...almost double what we had in I Can Only Imagine."

I Still Believe will be in production for at least another month and is scheduled to hit theaters nationwide next March. Christian Film Blog will continue to follow developments and bring you updates.


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