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Faith and Prayer Help Actor and Former Olympian Through Paralysis

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Jamie Nieto talks about his role on the Pure Flix streaming series Hilton Head Island and his how his reliance on God has helped overcome the most difficult of trials.

Jamie Nieto and David White, co-founder of Pure Flix. Image from @jamienieto Instagram.

A two-time Olympic high jumper - Athens 2004 & London 2012 - Nieto faced his greatest challenge two years ago. After a training session, he severely injured his spinal cord when a back flip went awry, paralyzing him from the chest down. Doctors gave him only a 30% chance of walking again.

After surgery and a determined rehab process, Nieto now walks with forearm crutches, and believes he eventually will not need them. In an interview with Pure Talk, he says keeping his focus on the Lord has been the key, and he hopes his experience can help others.

"I'm getting stronger, I'm getting better and just trying to share that testimony to people that, never give up, never lose that faith and continue to pray and God will see you through some of the toughest and hardest times in your life."

The accident has not slowed Nieto's new career as an actor. He plays doctor Nick Eliot on Hilton Head Island, which is now in its second season. You can check out the so-called "hope" opera on Pure Flix streaming platform.


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