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Casting Makes "Indivisible" Feel Like a "Grey's Anatomy" Reunion

A whopping five actors from that hit TV show will appear in the faith-based movie due out later this month.

Both lead actors - Justin Breuning and Sarah Drew - are alumni from the medical drama on ABC. Drew, who is also executive producer of this picture, played Dr. April Kepler in some 200 episodes from 2009-2018 on Grey's Anatomy and had a love interest on the show with Bruening's character, paramedic Mathew Taylor.

They are united in matrimony for the duration of this film, playing US Army chaplain Darren Turner and his wife Heather. Directed by David Evans (The Grace Card) and based on a true story, the movie focuses on the Turners' struggle to save their marriage after his return from a difficult deployment to Iraq.

Jason George, who plays a soldier in a failing marriage and gets counseling from Turner, was also a relatively prominent cast member on Grey's Anatomy. He appeared as Dr. Ben Warren in 117 episodes from 2010-2018. In a social media post, Sarah Drew, was full of praise for George, with whom she has now worked on three projects.

" Jason is so talented, so encouraging, such a collaborative and generous acting partner, and such an incredible team player. "

Two other actors who made appearances on Grey's Anatomy will play parts in Indivisible. Skye Marshall, who is an actual US Air Force veteran and appeared in just one episode of the show, plays the role of Army sergeant Shonda Peterson. She has a touching scene in the movie in which she reads a bed-time story from Iraq to her son in the US via a video hook-up.

Michael O'Neill, an actor who has been featured in eight episodes over the years, rounds out the alumni from Grey's Anatomy in this movie, playing Darren Turner's superior, chaplain Rodgers.

Indivisible opens in theaters nationwide on October 26th.

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