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"Casting Crowns: Home by Sunday" Hits the Big Screen This Week

The special-engagement documentary follows the Grammy-winning band's journey of success while still living out their faith.

Lead singer/songwriter Mark Hall (center) and Casting Crowns pose for a picture for their website.
Lead singer/songwriter Mark Hall (center) and fellow members of Casting Crowns pose for a picture for their website. Image:

Among the top acts in Christian contemporary music, Casting Crowns is celebrating 20 years in the industry with a new film. Casting Crowns: Home by Sunday tracks how the band has managed to turn out 15 number-one singles and still keep their sights firmly fixed on Christian ministry.

The title itself speaks to that, with "Home by Sunday" referencing lead singer/songwriter Mark Hall's determination to make it back to his home church every Sabbath day even when the band is on tour. The 54-year-old Georgia native serves as the youth pastor at Eagle's Landing First Baptist Church in the town of McDonough, and he considers that "his most important title," according to the synopsis for the documentary. In a clip from the trailer, he says his music, too, must perform a ministry function.

"As beautiful as art can be, if it's not pointing to the truth, (then) we're steering people in the wrong direction. That's why music is powerful to me, because it can point us to the Father."

The other musicians in the seven-member band - which has turned out hits like Praise You in This Storm, Glorious Day and Only Jesus - share his view of the importance of both ministry through music and keeping "their local church commitments," which the film makes clear. It delves into that and the "unique beginnings to the inspiration behind one of their most beloved songs and a near-life-ending diagnosis."

Casting Crowns: Home by Sunday will play in theaters for one day only - Thursday, November 30th - and you can buy tickets to a venue in your area via this link to the film's website. Do check back in with Christian Film Blog later this week for our review of the production.


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