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"Camp Hideout" Lands in the Top-25 in its 2nd Weekend in Release

The Christian comedy is among three faith-based films currently playing in theaters.

Lead actor Ethan Drew appears in a scene from "Camp Hideout."
Lead actor Ethan Drew appears in a scene from "Camp Hideout." Image: Called Higher Studios/from Instagram.

A solid follow-up performance for Camp Hideout from Friday through Sunday, as the picture brought in $235,000 at the box office, according to The Numbers website. That is down more than 50% from its inaugural weekend, but it was still good enough to put the movie in 21st place overall.

A fish-out-of-water story that follows a troubled teen who undergoes a transformation for the better at church camp, this slapstick comedy stars Ethan Drew in that lead part and features veteran actors Christopher Lloyd and Corbin Bleu in supporting roles.

After 10 days in release, Camp Hideout has brought in a total of $876,000 in ticket revenue, and that comes despite the picture's having faced more competition than is usually the case from other faith-based fare over the weekend, with two additional movies available on the silver screen. Interestingly, they are both sports biopics based on actual events: The Hill, which finished one spot ahead of it in 20th place, and I Can, which landed in 23rd place.


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