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"Breakthrough" - Strong Case for a Loving God

The producer of this coming Christian film says the miracle at the heart of this true story drew him to the project.

DeVon Franklin, Chrissy Metz & Marcel Ruiz at the St. Louis premiere of "Breakthrough." Image from the film's Instagram page.

Breakthrough tells the story of a medical miracle involving a Missouri teen named John Smith. In 2015, he fell through the ice on a frozen lake and had no heart beat for 45 minutes. As doctors prepared to announce a time of death, his mother, Joyce, a devout Christian, prayed aloud for the Lord to restore her son to life: He did exactly that.

The story caught the interest of producer DeVon Franklin, himself a Christian and a major player in Hollywood, particularly in the faith-based genre. In an interview with The Christian Post, he says this is a clear miracle that is beyond dispute.

"I've never heard of a story where it's a medical record. It's not like a subjective thing. It's medical record: 'patient dead, mother prayed, patient came back to life.' That is medical record."

Franklin, who produced Christian movies like The Star and Miracles from Heaven, says he likes to work on projects that make the case "there is a loving God that cares for us." He feels this story does that and can touch people's hearts with its message.

"I do think that Breakthrough is the type of film that can produce a breakthrough of unity, and a breakthrough of love, and a breakthrough of faith, and a breakthrough of help. Because this is the fiber of the film."

Based on Joyce Smith's' book The Impossible, Breakthrough stars Chrissy Metz as Joyce and Marcel Ruiz as her son, John; it also features Topher Grace as their pastor. The movie is due out in theaters on April 21st.


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