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Bob, Larry & the Gang are Back!

The famous animated tomato and cucumber and their friends are out in a new Christmas edition of "VeggieTales."

Poster art for the new VeggieTales "The Best Christmas Gift."

Co-creator Phil Vischer is relaunching the faith-based franchise with this holiday episode, The Best Christmas Gift, which goes on sale today. VeggieTales, which has sold more than 65 million videos, has not produced a Christmas show since 2014. This latest program, however, is the first episode of a three-year deal with Trinity Broadcasting Network, so there will be more to come.

A Nativity scene from VeggieTales "The Best Christmas Gift."

In fact, TBN plans to air 18 new shows over the course of the agreement, all featuring Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber imparting Christian truths to young viewers. The deal also includes Big Ideas Content Group - the outfit behind the franchise - and NBCUniversal.

The Best Christmas Gift features Bob and Larry preparing for a Christmas show theater production and facing one problem after another. That is, until they focus their attention on the original Christmas story of Jesus' birth and understand the promise that event holds: God is with us. The 58-minute video costs $14.99 and you can purchase it via this link.

For the interesting back story on Phil Vischer's journey of faith - which involves serious peaks and valleys - we recommend you take a look at this CBN News article.


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