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Ashley Bratcher's Next Film Points to God in the Midst of Trials

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

The former "Unplanned" star plays the lead in her seventh project for the faith and family streaming platform Pure Flix.

Ashley Bratcher appears at a Pure Flix publicity event in May, 2023.
Ashley Bratcher appears at a Pure Flix publicity event in May, 2023. Image: Pure Flix/from Instagram.

Jesus states in John 16:33 that His followers will have trouble in this world, but that they should "take heart" because He has "overcome the world." That, it would seem, is the thrust of the message in Finding Faith, which comes out this fall. The film stars Ashley Bratcher in the role of a Christian advice columnist who is dealing with emotional turmoil following the death of her mother.

The 36-year-old North Carolina native, herself a committed Believer, plays a character who is also involved in a failing marriage. She tells Christian Broadcasting Network's Faithwire that she thinks this picture will prove both relatable and encouraging.

"As Christians, we face a lot of trials in our lives, and it's nice to see someone struggle and rediscover her faith."

Bratcher, who shot to prominence in 2019 as the lead actress in the pro-life movie Unplanned, added that by showing viewers the "raw and vulnerable parts" of the Christian character she plays, it will help them "understand that God is still good, even when bad things happen."

"If you're seeking His will, then He’s gonna be there with you. It might not look like it in the moment; His timing is sometimes very different from our own. But I want people to understand that journey."

Finding Faith releases on subscription-based Pure Flix in November and, in addition to Bratcher, stars fellow Christian actor John Schneider and Vivica Fox. In the meantime, you can check out a teaser trailer below.

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