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Another Top-40 Finish for "Breakthrough"

The Christian film moves into its 10th week in release and is still ringing up the revenue.

Dennis Haysbert plays Dr. Garrett in a scene from "Breakthrough."

Breakthrough goes on sale in just over a week, but it's not done yet at the box office, having brought in $38,000 over the weekend, according to Box Office Mojo. And that's good enough to claim 35th place for the three-day stanza.

The film, from Christian producer DeVon Franklin, is also ever so close to moving up one more spot on the all-time money list in the Christian genre. Right now it's in 14th place, according to a tally kept by Box Office Mojo, with $40.65 million in domestic revenue. That puts it less than $200,000 behind the number 13 film, The Star, which is a 2017 animated Christmas film also from Franklin. We suspect it won't have quite enough umph to get there, but with a budget of $14 million, Breakthrough still has had a very good threatrical run, earning more than $50 million total when you add in foreign box office receipts.

It tells the true story of a boy who fell through the ice and drowned in a Missouri lake, only to be brought back to life through the power of prayer. The picture stars Chrissy Metz, Josh Lucas, Topher Grace, Marcel Ruiz and Dennis Haysbert and has a soundtrack featuring multiple Grammy winners, including country star Carrie Underwood and Christian rapper Lecrae.


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