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An Epiphany Prize for "I Still Believe" and the Erwin Brothers

Their biopic about Christian musician Jeremy Camp claims top honors at this year's Movieguide Awards.

A digital poster for the movie, featuring K.J. Apa and Britt Robertson. Image: Kingdom Story Company/Lionsgate.

I Still Believe was the first movie from Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin under their Kingdom Story Company banner in partnership with the Hollywood studio Lionsgate: and it was a good one. So good, in fact, that it claimed top spot at the box office the night it debuted back in March of last year. Alas, it's run was for all intents and purposes over after opening weekend, because that's when the coronavirus shut down theaters nationwide.

The Epiphany Prize, awarded by Movieguide, for the most inspiring movie. Image: Movieguide Awards.

The Erwins pulled together a strong cast to tell the true story of Jeremy Camp's short-lived marriage to his first wife, Melissa, who died from cancer months after their nuptials. Riverdale star K.J. Apa played the Christian musician and Britt Robertson his wife; Gary Sinise and country music star Shania Twain were among those in supporting roles.

Now, a year after its release, the film is getting its due, having been selected as the winner of the Epiphany Prize for the most inspiring movie at the 2021 Movieguide Awards. That Christian outfit, which has held this ceremony for 29 years, did so virtually this time around...another coronavirus precaution, so the Erwins weren't on hand to collect their award.

Jon Erwin, who is in Texas right now, did take time out from filming his next picture - American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story - to speak with them. He calls it "an honor" to win and expresses his thanks to the organization for its decades of work rating movies of all stripes from a Christian perspective.

"I appreciate Movieguide and everything that you do to help educate both Hollywood and the general public on movies that uplift and inspire, and model a Christian worldview and the transformational power of Christianity."

There were lots of other movies and television programs nominated for awards in various categories and you can check out the winners via this link to the Movieguide Awards website. We will also note that our first feature film, Miracle on Christmas, was up for an Epiphany Prize for the most inspiring TV show/streaming movie. Interestingly, no winner is named in that category, as you will see in the list, and since we were unable to watch the show, we don't know who won! It will no doubt become clear soon enough and we will let you know if things go our way.


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