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A Solid Weekend Number Two in Theaters for "The Hill"

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

This true-to-life sports biopic just misses securing a place in the Top-10 at the box office.

Dennis Quaid (right) and Joelle Carter appear in a scene from "The Hill."
Dennis Quaid (right) and Joelle Carter appear in a scene from "The Hill." Image: Briarcliff Entertainment.

The Hill earned $1.47 million from Friday through Sunday, according to The Numbers website, putting it in 11th place overall, down one spot from its inaugural weekend. That is a 36% decrease in revenue from a week ago, which is not such a big drop compared to most movies between their first and second weekends, and the film thus far stands at $4.7 million total.

The faith-based picture was co-written by Angelo Pizzo - the screenwriter behind the hit sports flicks Hoosiers (1986) and Rudy (1993) - and it tells the story of Rickey Hill, a baseball phenom from Texas who was determined to play professionally despite suffering from a degenerative spinal condition since childhood.

Christian actor Colin Ford portrays the protagonist, now a 67-year-old committed Believer, who called his own challenging life story "ordained" from before birth, as we reported here. Hollywood regular Dennis Quaid also has a prominent role in the film, playing the part of Hill's Baptist-preacher father.


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