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"A Father's Legacy" Releases for One Night Only

This faith-based picture focuses on the importance of fatherhood and is a "love letter" from the man behind it to his late father.

Tobin Bell and Jason Mac in a scene from the movie. Image: "A Father's Legacy"/Fathom Events.

With Father's Day just around the corner, this is a fitting time for the release of A Father's Legacy from writer/director Jason Mac. Making his directorial debut, the South Carolina native also stars as a man on the run from the law. Hollywood veteran Tobin Bell plays the other principal part, an elderly owner of a secluded cabin that Mac's character forces his way into at gun point.

The first-time director, with acting credits to his name like Vampire Diaries and Criminal Minds, grew up in the church, but in an interview with says he "didn't want to make the Sunday Christian film, where we're in the pews and going to the altar," so this one is consequently gritty and features some coarse language, drinking and violence.

Mac feels there are things in modern life that are difficult to reconcile as a person of faith, even admitting that it "doesn't get easier" as he gets older. But he is nonetheless clear on the saving grace that comes from God the Father through the Son.

"The God I believe in who sent Jesus? I think the essence is unconditional love."

Rebecca Robles and Gregory Alan Williams - a regular in faith-based movies - also play principal parts in the movie, so the cast is strong. The heavy lifting is of course done by Mac and Bell, and as their two characters interact, "secrets about their past are revealed" and they learn "they may have been brought together for a reason," as the film's synopsis puts it.

Mac calls the movie "a love letter" to his own late father, with whom he had a strong relationship, and the director will have a question-and-answer session after the film with a pastor to discuss the subject of fatherhood. This is a Fathom Event, so the movie will play in a special engagement tomorrow only - Thursday, June 17th - at theaters nationwide. You can find one near you via this link to Fathom's website and the trailer below will give you a feel for what to expect.


kathy napral
kathy napral
Jun 21, 2021

Thank you. I thought the one day showing of a Christian Movie was on June 22nd, 2021. I think I got it wrong.

Jun 21, 2021
Replying to

You're welcome. And if you missed it, we'll very likely make mention of its release on streaming platforms/DVD once that becomes known. Thank you for following "Christian Film Blog."

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