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A 3rd Place Finish for "Sound of Freedom" at the Weekend Box Office

This thriller about the fight against child sex trafficking even managed to beat out the new "Mission: Impossible" movie.

Lead actor Jim Caviezel appears in a scene from "Sound of Freedom."
Lead actor Jim Caviezel appears in a scene from "Sound of Freedom." Image: Angel Studios/from Instagram.

Another impressive performance from Sound of Freedom: the faith-based film brought in $19.8 million from Friday through Sunday, according to The Numbers website. That was some $300,000 more than the latest iteration of the Mission: Impossible franchise, which is both newer (in release for less than two weeks) and was showing in 4,321 theaters versus 3,285 for Sound of Freedom.

An independent production, Sound of Freedom has now brought in a total of $124 million in just 20 days in release. That is an impressive revenue number for any indie picture, but is truly phenomenal for a faith-based production, as we previously reported.

The movie, which stars Jim Caviezel and Mira Sorvino, tells the true story of a Department of Homeland Security official who stepped down from his government post in order to devote himself full time to the fight against the child sex trade.


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